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Building EV and Solar Charging Network

We offer our customers to integrate the charging infrastructure and solar system into their environment, which requires additional interfaces to other back-end and energy utility systems to build EV and Solar charging Network

Earn More. Host Charge Point

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Our Services

We provide software and automation services for EV charging, solar monitoring and Battery swapping stations with our utility and customized software.

Host EV and Solar Charging point

We provide help you to make your charging point hosted and automated

Billing System for EV and Solar

We provide system for you to calculate energy consumed or generated

EV and Solar Online Monitoring

We provide monitoring system to monitor electric and energy parameter

Online Battery Monitoring system

We provide solution to monitor battery charging and discharging parameter

Lithium battery testing automation

We provide lithium battery testing automation software for manufacturing

Energy Management Solutions

We provide complete energy management system for solar and EV

Use our software for easy integration with your business

  • Eat n Charge

  • Park n Charge

  • Work n Charge

  • Shop n Charge

Charge Points


Increased Foot Fall


Increased Revenue


Go Green, Save Earth and Earn More

By using EV and solar in your existing business, you can save the earth and also increase your revenue.

Installing EV charging station at your parking place and Solar system for energy generation makes your business more profitable.

Let’s Do Something Better Together!

We create fully integrated systems so you can focus on your business.

Our Offerings

  • Easy Billing and Accounting software for shops
  • Restaurant management software
  • Society management software
  • Energy management software
  • Dairy management software
  • Solar monitoring system

We support you to host EV charge point with our customized software


We have ready offline billing and accounting software for sales and purchase


We have cloud based society software to manage monthly payment from flat owner, due and accounts of society.


We have energy monitoring system to link your production data with energy consumption


We have cloud base software for table booking, customer management, inventory and accounting

Solar charging station

We have solar software monitor inverter data to know solar energy generation and output parameters